Hummingbird Season Is Coming!

Mid to late April is when most Ruby-Throated Hummingbirdmake their way to Ontario from their winter homes. Start preparing now!

The Right Feeder

Hummingbird feeders should be bright and easy to clean with many nectar ports.Hummingbirds can be very particular and you need to make sure the ports as well as interior surfaces are clean. It is a good idea to cleanhummingbird feeders every two to three days during the summer. Dish-style feeders come apart easily and don’t require any special brushes. Wash with hot water and clean all ports thoroughly with a small brush such as Droll Yankees Perfect Little Brush that is great at cleaning out the hard to reach nectar ports. Never top off partially filled feeders or refill empty feeders before cleaning them.

The best way to avoid attracting bees and wasps to your feeder is to deny them access to the nectar. The Aspects HummZinger HighView and Droll Yankees Little Flyer are examples of feeders that are inherently bee and wasp-proof because the nectar level is too low for insects to reach, but easily in range of the shortest hummingbird tongue.

Urban Nature Store carries the largest selection of hummingbird feeders in Canada. Find one that is perfect for your backyard!
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The Right Nectar

Provide a ready supply of fresh nectar. Nectar can turn bad in as little as a day or two depending on the outdoor temperature. It can last a bit longer if the feeder is hung in the shade, but never more than a few days. When the nectar in your feeder begins to look oily or cloudy, it is beginning to ferment and should be changed. Urban Nature Store offers nectar in cost-effective concentrates (both liquid and granular) as well as ready-to-use formulations. You can also make your own (4 parts water 1 part sugar, boiled). Whichever form you choose, try mixing it a quart at a time and keeping the excess in the refrigerator for quick nectar changes. Don’t mix more than a quart and don’t keep it for more than a week.

This Easy-Mix Clear Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate quickly and easily mixes in cold or warm water saving time and trouble!

Keep Ants Out

One of the most common reasons hummingbirdsstop using a feeder is because of ants. Ants love the sugar water just as much as thehummingbirds and it is important to keep them out of your feeder. The best way to do this is by using a Songbird Essentials Nectar Protector™. Just fill it with water and hang above your feeder to keep ants out.

Give Them the Swing

Hummingbird swings are available in a black metal scroll design or in copper with a glass bead ornament. To use, place a swing near your nectar feeder andhummingbirds will perch there to survey and defend their territory. Or, hang one off your feeding station and watch chickadees, goldfinches and others swing.

Hummingbird Swings are that final touch for any garden and your hummingbirds are sure to lo

So this hummingbird season, don’t be caught unprepared. Your hummers will thank you!

Happy birding!

Jeff Tekavcic

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