Jane’s Deck of Birds – White Breasted Nuthatch

Over the last few weeks, the White-Breasted Nuthatches have returned to their favorite feeders on my deck.  I didn’t see them all summer, but I heard their nasal ‘yank’ call, and immediately after they appeared at my squirrel proof peanut feeder, sunflower and suet feeders.  

White-Breasted Nuthatches are friendly little grey, black and white birds with a touch of a rust color under their wings. The male’s head is shiny, whereas the females are slightly paler.  You will see them on tree trunks climbing upside down, right side up, and horizontally. They have an extra long hind claw that enables them to do this.

I was hand feeding the Nuthatches at a local birding spot in Durham last week.  It was very interesting watching them come and take peanuts and sunflower hearts and wedge them into furrows on the bark of the trees, then hurry back for the next one.

It’s very easy to attract these little birds to your backyard.  Set up some feeders to accommodate peanuts, sunflower, and suet and you’ll be able to enjoy them up close and personal!

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Author – Jane Paradis

Editor – Daniel Oommen

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  1. Your photgraphs are lovely. I love how you capture their curious looks with the slight tilt of the head. I also enjoy how close you got and was hand feeding them. Very impressive work.
    Best wishes,


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