Christmas Shopping CHECKLIST For The Birds… and Squirrels

I would like to share this blog from last year.  It might help you with some ideas for the birds and squirrels and keep you entertained during the pandemic.

Well, those birds are really making their appearance known at the feeders, and let me tell you… it’s busy.  Time to make a wish list for the birds… and squirrels.  Here we go!

Chickadees – peanut halves and sunflower hearts, hmmm, and maybe some suet nuggets

Cardinals – lots of safflower, and maybe some peanut halves

Goldfinches – nyjer seed and finch and friends

Woodpeckers – definitely need to stock up on suet and peanut halves,  don’t forget the Mill Creek Insect and Nut suet, definitely a favourite of theirs and will serve as Christmas Dinner

Mourning Doves – more safflower and white millet

Junco’s – white millet and finch and friends

Blue Jays – whole peanuts, these guys are pretty demanding, ohhh and corn cobs

Robins – yes I’m still seeing some, mealworms and possibly grape jelly

Nuthatches – sunflower hearts and peanuts… and suet

House finches – more safflower and sunflower hearts

House Sparrows – these guys will have to share with the others, there’s just too many of them

Purple Finches – safflower and sunflower hearts

I suppose they’ll all want another heated bird bath too, getting a little crowded out there.  Maybe the Farm Innovators Four Seasons Ground Birdbath, the Doves will probably use it for a meeting area, they sure like to stand in the water and around the edges.

A Roosting Box would be a nice present.  I’ll have to situate it on the east side of the yard facing south.  That should give them a place to take refuge when the weather outside is frightful.  This will also serve as a double gift as they can use it for a bird house in the summer if I reverse the position of the opening to the top… good plan.

Next on the list – squirrels – a bag of our squirrel mix and a new ground feeder, possibly two as the Junco’s, American Tree Sparrows and the Doves like to dine at ground level.  A Squngee for the squirrels would be fun, then I’ll have to get another bag of corn cobs to go with that. I should get a bag of Happy Garden Mix to mix with everyone’s seed of choice for their Christmas dinner, they’ll all like that.

Well, that’s my shopping list for all the backyard visitors.  I wish all of you a very happy holiday season and the very best in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birding!

Author – Jane Paradis

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