Little Brown Birds

A family of birds that tends to rank lower on our list of favourites is the sparrows.

These small songbirds don’t attract much attention but some species have characteristics that make them stand out. The song of the White-throated Sparrow is arguably one of the sweetest sounds in nature and is synonymous with the north woods. The White-crowned Sparrow has a perky erect posture and pleasant song and the Song Sparrow is one of the most common breeding species in the southern part of the province.

White Crowned Sparrow Photo Credits – Brian Morin
White Throated Sparrow Photo Credits – Brian Morin

This is sparrow time. Migrating flocks are stopping in forested areas, in parks, along country roads and in our yards as they make their way south. Some will overwinter but most head out with the next north wind. They prefer to feed on the ground where they scratch in leaves for food so sprinkling mixed seed will be appreciated.

Happy Birding!

By Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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