Sex, Hiking and COVID-19

It may be an urban myth, but there’s wide-spread belief that during or in the aftermath of crises, such as the 2003 blackout, 9/11 and the like, people turned to, well sex. Given our current situation, there’s no reason to believe that this urban myth won’t live on.

Since one of the only other activities available to us is to go for a walk, here are some tips in case you need to relieve stress, cope with boredom or maybe just ensure your genes will live on:

Sex & Hiking
Is it legal to have sex while on a hiking trail?
Hmm. Good question. It turns out that having sex outside in nature is not in itself illegal in Canada. But if there’s a good chance that other people might catch you in the act then you can be charged with performing an indecent act. If you are charged under section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada, you may have to spend 18 months in jail. You get to decide if that’s a deterrent, but I’d prefer to NOT catch you in the act.

Is it okay to have sex in a tent?
Tents, according to experts (mostly through hikers on long-distance trails), provide an unfortunate illusion of privacy. There may be no squeaking bed springs, but sound carries in a quiet campground.

What is pink blazing?
In her blog, “The Trek,” Cynthia Stewart writes about The Art of Pink Blazing. (Visit Pink Blazing for a good chuckle.) She writes, “Pink blazing is Appalachian Trail slang. White blazes mark the trail; pink blazing follows the trail to sexy hiker ladies and gentlemen, or both.” 

Where Not to Have Sex While Hiking

My immediate response to this question is: Everywhere. But Merrell, the outdoor-shoe retailer has a more reasoned response. Their advice is explained in detail on their website at 5 Places to NOT Have Sex On the Trail. The five places include:

  1. Trailheads or Junctions
  2. Trail Passes, Slides or Outcroppings
  3. Waterfalls or Popular Lookouts
  4. Public Campgrounds (read about tents above)
  5. Canoes and Rowboats (even if you want to be a real Canadian.

Whatever you decide…have fun.

By Nicola Ross

Author of Loops & Lattes Hiking Books

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