South American Visitor

It is every birder’s dream to one day find something special. That happened recently north of Whitby when a small songbird from South America showed up along a walking trail.

This Variegated Flycatcher is found on the other end of the world but got its migratory wires crossed, heading thousands of kilometres out of range. This species is very rare in North America, with only eight records, including this second record for Canada. The first was found in Toronto in 1993.

While this flycatcher is not going to appear at a feeder, now is the time of year that odd species can show up in our yards and may sample what you have to offer. We can’t expect that everyone will have such a special guest but if you notice something unusual, take a photo and pass it on. The Ontario Birds Public Group on Facebook is a good source. You just never know.

Happy Birding!

Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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