Nesting Time

This is a critical time of year for birds because their energy must be focused on the next generation. Whether they are local residents or migrants, all engage in the routine of building a nest, incubating eggs then feeding their young.

The amount of time spent in these stages of the breeding cycle depends on the species and can be less than a month from start to finish for warblers, 5 to 6 weeks for Robins or 2 ½  months for a heron.


In the case of the Killdeer, a common bird of fields and shorelines, incubation lasts about 25 days. Once they hatch and the feathered chicks dry they are ready to run behind the parents. That is crucial for a bird that nests on open ground with only camouflage and a loud voice to protect it.

Happy Summer Birding!

Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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