Sunsets & Summer Nights

How many of you sit out in the evening  watching to see which birds are the last ones coming to your feeders. 

 Cardinals, grosbeaks, orioles and hummingbirds are on my list… and my ever elusive common yellow throat.   The robins continue to sing 45 minutes after the sun has set.  This is truly a relaxing time of day.  Who else is singing in your neighbourhood?   Catbirds maybe? red-winged blackbirds, and goldfinches?

Before settling in to enjoy the sunset, the fly-through and ground feeder get one more half scoop of sunflower hearts for the late evening diners.  …And it doesn’t just include birds.  The bunnies are getting quite tame, joining us on the deck for a last check on the ground feeder to make sure there’s still a snack for them…  after they’ve munched some flowers left on the chives. Just before the sun sets the bats make their appearance darting through the sky over the field looking for prey.

And what do you see once it’s dark and quiet? Fireflies! Some nights they put on a spectacular show.

Enjoy your evenings!

By Jane Paradis

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