Wild Canaries

Everyone loves the American Goldfinch, nicknamed the ‘wild canary’.

Not only are these finches brightly coloured, they have a bubbly song and calls that brighten any day. In recent weeks, other songbirds have been busy with nesting activity but most are finished and even preparing to migrate south. Now it’s time for Goldfinches to take action. 

Goldfinches are one of the last species to begin the nesting period because unlike other finches that include insects in their diet, these beauties only eat seeds and require a ready supply for their young.

As a result, Goldfinches delay nesting until milkweed, thistle and other plants produce seeds. This ensures that there will be plenty of food available. They will also take advantage of thistle down to line their nests.

Happy Summer Birding!

Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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