It’s Sparrow Time

Have you noticed an increase in activity in your yard lately? If you have, some of that
is likely related to a variety of sparrows that are currently making their way south.
They aren’t in a hurry and may stick around for days or even a couple of weeks.

There are plenty of White-throated Sparrows, with juveniles accompanying adults
on the journey. It is comical to hear weak attempts at song from these beginners but
by next spring they should be in fine form. Song Sparrows are now very common
and you may also spot a few lingering Chipping Sparrows, some White-crowned
Sparrows and perhaps an early American Tree Sparrow. The latter species will be
with us for the winter while most of the other birds will move further south.

There is a different strategy for feeding sparrows. While some may land on a feeder,
especially if it is a feeding tray, they love to search the ground for seed and mixed
seed is preferred. Sprinkle some on the ground and in the garden and you’ll have
action all day long.

Happy Birding!

Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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