Will it be an Early Spring?

It may be hard to believe but spring is on the way. Of course, there will be cold snaps and snowstorms in the weeks ahead but some birds can’t wait and are excited for what is to come. Backyard birders will be the first to notice the change and it will be in the form of song amongst your resident birds. Already Cardinals have begun to proclaim their territory and are singing to prospective mates. White-breasted Nuthatches, chickadees and House Finches are similarly chiming in and before you know it, there will be Robins and blackbirds appearing across the region.

One of the earliest birds to lead the migration north are Horned Larks. These birds of open fields and rural roadsides have already started to appear in some areas. They are not hampered by cold but react to the changing length of the days. In fact, that is what triggers all of these birds to get with the plan. It’s all about the changing angle of the sun which now sits higher in the sky.

Happy birding!

By Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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