Getting Ready

It may be hard to believe but some birds are getting ready for the trip south. It doesn’t happen in a rush like in spring and in fact extends over a period of months but once young are on their own there is nothing holding them or the adults back. They can move on whenever the urge hits them.

Some birds simply disappear, silently moving on as individuals but others, like the swallows, will gather together in small or even large flocks for a time before making the big move. It is easy to compare the identification of the six species that breed in Ontario when many of them are side by side.

Now the juveniles are having a chance to perfect their flying and hunting skills while parents look on but they are completely on their own. This will continue for another few weeks but one day those gathering flocks will thin and before you know it, they will largely be gone and it will be harder to find them on a daily basis.

Happy Birding!

Brian Morin

Publisher of Ontario Birding News

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