Jane’s Deck of Birds


Hello everyone, my name is Jane and I am the Manager of our Pickering Store. We recently had a new deck built at our home with birds in mind. I would like to share with you the bird activity I enjoy every week.  I hope you enjoy my articles.


This week has been very busy with migration coming and going. I saw my first Junco last Wednesday and the next morning there were six new arrivals.  Time to put out more seed in the ground feeders for them.  Last year they stayed until the middle of April before heading back north.


I am also continuing to see the male Red-Winged Black Birds – the females have already left – as well as many White-crowned Sparrows and Robins.  Turkey Vultures have also been meandering in large flocks throughout the week.

The last two mornings have been on the chilly side and the water in my bird-bath has been frozen.  Time to plug in the heated bath!

Happy Birding Everyone!

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